The Motherless Mother’s Day



Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. The day that we all say thanks to the wonderful women in our lives, and give them a well-earned day of being spoiled. Your friends all share gorgeous photos on social media, of themselves with their Mothers. Gushy messages are written above these photos, and tech-savvy Mums everywhere are tagged into these love doughnut posts.

Then we have the friends whose lovely Mothers have been cruelly snatched away from them. Cancer,heart disease and other awful illnesses singled out these happy families and literally blew them apart, like some sadistic soap opera scriptwriter. On Mother’s Day, these friends write openly about their grief and share tear-extracting poems on loss.

But what about the people out there, whose Mothers are estranged from their lives? The ones whose Mothers have either walked away, or behaved in such a way that makes any kind of contact an impossibility. The fundamentally flawed freaks, who have faces even their Mothers couldn’t love. The rejects. The unlovables. What about us? Continue reading