Are Trigger Warnings Causing More Stigma?




When you live with mental illness, you see the words “trigger warning” everywhere. Every article on mental health is preceded by big bold letters: trigger warning. Don’t read this, if you have X,Y or Z. It leaves me scratching my head, a little.  I mean, I’m reading this article because I have X,Y or Z. If I’m not supposed to read it, then who is? Continue reading


The Cold War


When Silent D And Me was last live, I touched on the subject of my abusive family. I downplayed the situation, as I was still under the influence of their denial and minimisation (I’m not even sure that’s a real word, but it sounded OK in my head).

I decided to cut all contact from my abusive family members last year, after 30 years of the most cruel emotional and psychological abuse and torment. They’re my extended family on my Dad’s side, so cutting them off will be simple, right? Wrong. Over the past year, we’ve been stalked, harassed and subjected to further nasty attacks. The latest two incidents, have changed the direction of how we will deal with their behaviour, going forward. Continue reading